Norway must stop supporting the killier Ethiopian regime

My Opinion
It’s clear that we are what we do, not what we say we are going to do. I remember the resolution European parliament passed last know that this is a strong support for Oromo people suffering under the current tyrant regime. But still I’m not clear with why some people with louder voice like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway hesitates to condemn the government behavior in Ethiopia with more stronger words that’s followed by lobbying and convincing the Norwegian government to take action (like stopping the financial support…) for preserving Norwegian history that they have on human rights violation elsewhere in the world that’s so encouraging. What’s more expected than killing innocents with live ammunition and killing the prisoners by setting on fire and shooting them. I understand the relationship between the Norwegian and the Ethiopian government but the consequence seems clear as this is a popular uprising. I think we need to stand with the oppressed and if we do a little more we can make much more difference. Here I also say, for sure tomorrow is another day!