To the Apologists of Genocide and ofa genocidal regime

To the Apologists of Genocide and of a genocidal regime
Haunted by their own deeds, they like to talk of genocide, all along presenting themseleves as the victims while THEY are actually the perpetrators.

They talk about POTENTIAL genocide against them while they are perpetrating ACTUAL genocide (blunt and subtle, overt and covert, explicit and systematic) on the vast majority of the people (Oromo, Amhara, Anywak, Somali) as we speak. They own up a whole system designed to kill the majority by (the military, business, media, and political elite from) the minority.

And yet, while they are right at it, while they are doing it, they scream ‘GENOCIDE’ at every turn. Almost as if they saw a ghost of it after every incident. The spectre of their own deeds must be haunting them.

It is very strange that these apologists of a terrorist regime want to do the deed AND then TALK about it (presenting themselves as the victims). They want to be masters in doing it AND in talking about it at the same time.

True to character as perpetrators of modern political evil, first, they will exterminate a people, and then–wanting to erase the story–they seek to silence the victims. Unique to TPLF however is their attempt at suppressing and displacing the truth by their institutional lie (presenting the perpetrators as victims).

They want to control and kill the bodies and they want to control the narratives and the voices too. In this, they proved to be the perfect totalitarian. The one thing they hate about their genocidal project is to hear others talk about it, especially the victims. They want to exclude all voices from the discursive space.

We refuse to accept their lie. We refuse to be silenced by their perversion of language (by hijacking and deploying the language of ‘genocide’).

Most importantly, we refuse to die. We disavow death, even for the perpetrators.

For a longer legal analysis that dissects the deed, the victims, the perpetrators, and their discourses, stay tuned.