Tplf must go ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰stop killing , stop torturing innocent Oromo peoples in Ethiopia

#TPLF you have continued to wake the giants through your inhumane barbaric ways. My people now realize, they hold your daily bread, the ground you walk on and the very air you breath! They will suffocate you with the sheer strength of their will to deny you access, access to their land, resources, their lives and their country!

I will remind you, with every life you take, every flesh you torture, every girl and women you rape, every beautiful soul you imprison, every flesh you set a blaze in your captivity, You are…killing away oppression, you are burning away repression, your imprisonment is giving birth to a bitter relentless REVOLUTION & REVOLUTIONARIES no fear or your barbaric act could contain!!!

I will remind you once more, no one/no society/ no nation has ever stood for the TRUTH & LOST!!!
#OromoProtests #OromoResistance