Heart breaking this is only one of the thousands of untold similar stories …….we have 1 patient in black lion with similar story….all the staffs in that ward washed in tears after hearing her story…..

Let me tell you one story! From my friend
….This week I have been to Dirree Dawwaa accompanying 3 organizations; IOHPA, EAMRF and WHCSC just provide medical service for Oromo’s who have been displaced from their home and kept in prison like camp because they are just born Oromo.After being on work the whole day we meet children’s singing a number of song, each having a powerful messages. Majority of them have artificial gun in their hand which they prepare by themselves. Then I start to talk with one mother ;her age is approximately in late forties, she has been living in Somali region of Ethiopia throughout her life. currently she has been forcefully displaced from her home after her children’s were being raped infront of her eye, and she was raped infront of her husband by liyu police ;she and her family were also tortured the whole night before being brought to Dire Dawa camp next day. Then she was energetic enough to show me how they were tortured. She took that artificial gun from her son, ask one of her friend to laydown and show me as you see on picture; while doing this she was crying. …

#Stop killing torturing arresting innocent Oromo people in Ethiopia

TPLF mafia group must go out of oromia