The USA Embassy in Shiro meda is working hard to help TPLF to stay in power by any means . It is a cover up his wrong policy in Ethiopia. Shame on you USA. RIP for those dying oromo peoplethere was no violence in chelenko it was a market day people were travelling from villages to Chelenko town for market then the government soldiers opened fire on civilian killed dozens some farmers were killed inside their farmland while working on their farm i don’t know why this big institution the USA embassy lie before publicizing some thing try to investigate what is on the ground every time you are standing on government side we oromoo want to assure you that we will end the EPRDF tyrannical regime very soon give them whatever you can stand with them forever we will send you to their grave with EPRDF

Look at this horse shit from U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa.
There was no violence in Chelenko. The military opened machine gun fire on farmers in their own farm and massacred them. You know very well whats happening and who is doing it. Quit this false equivalence and eat your ‘saddened, troubled’ crap.

U.S. Embassy Statement Following Deaths at Chelenko and Universities

Addis Ababa, December 13, 2017: We are troubled and saddened by reports of violence that has resulted in deaths and injuries in the town of Chelenko and at several universities over the past two days. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

It is important that the Ethiopian government ensure the safety of all Ethiopian citizens, and hold accountable those responsible for violence.

We encourage the people of Ethiopia to uphold their admirable and longstanding tradition of respect for their country’s ethnic diversity and its tradition of peaceful co-existence, and to seek constructive means to raise concerns and resolve their differences.

Agazi’s in Miesso. Their presence is unwelcome and unconstitutional. They must leave or things will deteriorate further