Dire times, Modest Constitutional Measures to Counter TPLF’s war on Oromia and the impending Deadly Confrontation

The TPLF is flexing its military muscles by deploying the Federal Army, the Federal Police, and the Federal Security and their intelligence personnel in Oromia. In so doing, they want to impose an outright military rule on Oromia.

The measure is intended to liquidate the top leaders of the State Government, dismiss the Caffee, and suspend all the civil administration in the region. This comes as no surprise particularly considering the mounting threats, warnings, and blackmailing that have been coming from TPLF’s side for some time now. The Mekelle Resolution (at the end of the long TPLF meeting), The Federal Police Commission’s ‘Security Situation Assessment Report,’ the National Security Plan, etc, have all been asserting TPLF’s perceived need to take military action in order to create stability before providing political solution for the deepening crisis.

These military measures target the key leaders (especially Lemma Megerssa) and key institutions (eg. OBN, Oromia Police, etc) for a deadly attack. The TPLF is committed to unleash another round of terror and bloodshed in Oromia.

Needless to say, it has to be stopped.


1. The Government of Oromia and the Caffee Oromiyaa within their constitutional rights to call an extraordinary meeting to declare a state-wide state of emergency and call the Oromo nation, at home and abroad, to alert.

2. The State Police and Militia should be put on alert to take measures to defend their people and key government and economic institutions including the media.

3. The President should make a televised speech, if possible, briefing the Oromo public and the larger country on the state of affairs in Oromia and beyond. Alternatively, in the event that televised speech becomes impossible, he should make a recorded speech that can be transmitted on the radio. The speech must call the Ethiopian peoples, including that of Tigray, to come to the defense of the constitution and to keep the hope of living in democracy alive. He should call upon all progressive forces everywhere to come to their aid in defense of the values of peace, democracy, popular self-rule, human rights, and rule of law.

4. The President should order the State security personnel to close down all points of entry to Oromia. They should in particular watch the Western, Eastern, and Southern borders through which TPLF may bring in foreign mercenary forces.

5. The Oromo MPs in the Federal Parliament should work in close cooperation with ANDM MPs to call an extraordinary meeting to outlaw TPLF’s military operations in Oromia.

6. The MPs should also move fast to replace the lame duck Prime Minister and his Cabinet in order to bring to a halt the unconstitutional, illegal, and illegitimate military operations in the States.

7. The people should conduct themselves in such a way that they discharge all their civic duties in defense of peace, democracy, self-rule, human rights, and rule of law even as they persist in their resistance to the unconstitutional and deadly military misadventures.

These are all measures that can be taken within the bounds of the Federal and Oromia Constitutions.

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