It is high time for the United States government to clearly understand and gauge the fast-shifting political crisis in Ethiopia

It is high time for the United States government to clearly understand and gauge the fast-shifting political crisis in Ethiopia. This statement by the Embassy does not do that. This will just add insult to the injury of the Ethiopian people.

I hope the United States Embassy over the last three years have observed that the Ethiopian people were demanding for policy changes on federal working language policy, land ownership policy, self-administration in respective regions by ending TPLF tutelage and indirect rule, the release of the political prisoners and religious leaders, a fair share of wealth and political power at federal levels in all Ethiopian federal institutions by ending the current TPLF monopoly. We all supported and advocated for this policy transformation.

But, as demands of the Ethiopian people by violence, massacres, ethnic cleansing, more racism, mass arrest, torture and arresting all opposition leaders with a constituency. The daylight killings of over a thousand Oromo and Amhara protesters, mass arrest of tens of thousands of Oromo and Amhara protesters, the Bushoftu #IrrechaMasscare of 2016, the Somali Janjaweed Militia invasion of Eastern and Southern Oromia displacing more than 600 thousand Oromo civilians inside Oromia and the ethnic cleansing of close to 100 thousand Oromo civilians bases on their ethnic background from the Somali Region, the Ambo Massacre and the Chelenqo Massacre are some of the responses the Ethiopian people received from the TPLF controlled Ethiopian defense force, federal policy, national intelligence, the federal prisons and court systems.

Moreover, the Embassy could note in its report to the United States government that the TPLF, the only party with veto power in the EPRDF over the last 26 years, did not even acknowledged the existence of popular demands of the Oromo, the Amhara and other Ethiopians after the conclusion of its recent meeting that it claimed took 35 days.

After the Chelenqo massacre, now it has become abundantly clear that the only political currency the TPLF want to trade with is violence. TPLF’s whole trust and confidence are to use the military, the federal police, the national intelligence, the prison and the federal court systems to silence and crush the popular demands of the Ethiopian people.
This TPLF position has effectively transitioned the demands of the Ethiopian people to the next logical conclusion. As far as the so-called the Ethiopian Defense Force, the Ethiopian National Intelligence, the Ethiopian Federal Police, the Ethiopian Federal Prison Administration and the Federal Court systems remain in the hands of the TPLF and exist to protect the TPLF political, economic and security interests; there the massacre, the killings, the mass arrest, the torture and the daylight robbery of the Ethiopian people’s resources will not be stopped.
In short, the Ethiopian people have reached a conclusion that as far as the so-called the Ethiopian Defense Force, the Ethiopian National Intelligence, the Ethiopian Federal Police, the Ethiopian Federal Prison Administration and the Federal Court systems remain in the hands of the TPLF and exist to protect solely the interests of the TPLF there will not be any equality, rule of law, democracy and fairness in Ethiopia.

The next phase of the Ethiopian people, observing from all the social media posts since the Chelenqo Massacre and the killings of Oromo and Amhara students in Tigray Universities, is transitioned into either 1) liberating the Ethiopian Defense Force, the Federal Police, the National Intelligence, the prison administration and the federal court system from the hands of the TPLF or 2) dismantling all of them and establishing new Ethiopian institutions that represents all of the Ethiopian people on the equal level.

The first phase of these new demands of the Ethiopian people is for the TPLF officers to be removed from all Regions of Ethiopia and moved back to Tigray. This means until full restructuring the above institutions are done, the Ethiopian Defense Force, the Ethiopian Federal Police, the Ethiopian National Intelligence, the Federal Prison Administration and the Federal Court systems will be reorganized along the existing federal structure by manning each region with the officers from each respective regions.

This means, TPLF federal officers in the above federal institutions will be deployed only in Tigray and will not be deployed in any other part of Ethiopian regions. Oromo federal officers will be deployed in Oromia. Amhara federal officers will be deployed in Amhara. Federal officers from Gambella Region will be deployed in Gambella. Federal officers from Benishangule will be deployed in Benishangule. Afar federal officers will be deployed from Afar. Somali Federal Officers will be deployed in Somali region. Officers from the southern nations and nationalities region will be deployed in the Southern Ethiopian Region. The same holds true for the Harari city-state. In Addis Ababa, Oromia Regional State and the Addis Ababa City officers will keep law and order.

This policy shift that is being floated among the Ethiopian political discourse groups will create a clearly defined Regional Regiments of all Nine Regions in the Federal Ethiopian Defense, Federal Police, Federal National Intelligence, Federal Prison Administration, and the Federal court systems.

This policy change will end the monopoly the TPLF has on the instruments of violence and redistributes federal power among all regions based on the population size of each respective regions.

This policy and working model is not a new model. Many countries have been using this model to avoid exactly what the Ethiopian people are experiencing today under the TPLF rule. The United Kingdom has the Scottish Regiment, Walsh Regiment, British Regiment and Irish Regiment in its military, federal police, and national intelligence institutions. The Swiss Confederates have been using this structural model since its inception. It is tested model that is working well for each those countries who adopted this model.

The United States should understand that the situation in Ethiopia is at a very dangerous stage. Unless urgent and immediate power restructuring is done as suggested above, the likelihood of complete breakdown of law and order in Ethiopia is certain. Even the likely hood of large-scale ethnic cleansing and genocide, beyond the Ethnic Cleansing the TPLF/Somali Janjaweed Militia did against the Oromo people, more than likely. That should concern the United States as much as it concerns the rest of the Ethiopian people since the United States is the main enabler and funder of the above mentioned Ethiopian institutions either through multilateral or bilateral systems. The European Union and other development and security partners of Ethiopia should also help in this endeavor.

Najat Hamza said 👉to US Embassy Addis

Stop misinforming the world about the truth. Ethiopia does not have ethnic clash issues. It has an ethnicity who is sitting on the top and oppressing, cleansing and inciting violence on the rest of the population. I am an Oromo-American and I am appalled in your complicity of hiding the truth while playing the narrative of the regime in Ethiopia. I have been watching you over the years and it has become increasingly difficult for me to differentiate US Embassy in Addis from the regime’s propaganda apparatus because it is one.

The country I know (United States) stands for Human Rights grounded in ethical and Moral not to mention legal laws. How many shallow press releases do you have to post before it starts to weigh on your humanity? What happened in Callanko town is a massacre of civilians by Ethiopian security forces not ethnic clash. I am asking you to call a spade a spade or at least do not deliberately misinform. I know, I know United States geopolitical needs of Ethiopia is important to you, but so should people’s lives.

You do not tell us or teach us the tradition of coexistence, on the contrary you can learn from the people of Ethiopia. We do not need your condolences nor your pity. You are the backbone of this regime. You have been allocating funds, providing security, technical and strategic training and watching those skill unleash hell on earth on population who is struggling to finds its daily bread. The Ethiopian government has been the number one Aid recipient in all of Africa! Why? Is it Because it is the fastest growing economy? Is it because they are champions of Democracy and/or human rights? What is it for?

The issue of Oromia region is heartbreaking than most. And here you are speaking about “traditions of coexistence” while bullets are being rained on unsuspecting civilians by armed government forces who has no business being among civilians to begin with, stop! Just stop! #Calanqomassacre #Oromia