Time to Face the Truth, TPLF

Time to Face the Truth, TPLF.
It should be clear by now that the use of scare tactics, border wars, mass eviction, violence and massacre, mass arrest, arbitrary detention and torture, fake [or purely political] trials cannot silence the public any longer.

Recycling exhausted narratives to pathologize the Oromo (thus trying to arouse Oromphobia) and problematize their views and aspirations for democratic self-rule as divisive cannot help you mask your predatory attitudes towards the people. The pluralist Oromo sensibility and protective attitude towards multinationalism in Ethiopia is something you have to come to terms with. It doesn’t help to try to scare them away from alliance and solidarity with the Amhara by invoking “unity old style” and disparaging it as oppressive. Nor does it help to manipulate the Amhara anxiety about dismemberment and scare them away from federalist diversity in Ethiopia and detract them from gestures of alliance and solidarity with the Oromo.

It is impolitic, and even irresponsible, to publicly go around condemning the gestures of alliance and solidarity between the two most populous regions. Any responsible government would redouble efforts to replicate such gestures of horizontal solidarity among other groups in the country. (In fact, so doing is the constitutional duty of the Federal Government and its institutions such as the House of Federation. See for example art 62(4 & 6).)

To vow to swim against the tide of popular protests is neither wise nor courageous. Quite to the contrary, it is facing the truth and coming to terms with the voice of the people that is wise and courageous.

To say numbers are irrelevant in (your) democracy betrays the all too familiar anti-democratic instinct in TPLF. It reveals the utter disdain some of the leaders have for the people.

There is time for everything. Now is the time for you to face the truth. It is time to take courage to listen to the people and their legitimate aspirations. It is probably helpful to remember that the people will keep marching to their destiny–with or without you. Ummanni keenya ni ce’a!!!!

Be wise enough to save yourself as the people save Ethiopia from itself.

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