The attached training document the TPLF used to brainwash the Federal Police Officers shows how they define the problem in Ethiopia.

The attached training document the TPLF used to brainwash the Federal Police Officers shows how they define the problem in Ethiopia.

This document clearly shows the TPLF want to define the political crises in the country as law enforcement and security problem.

All Ethiopians and international development and security partners of Ethiopia must take serious note of the content of this document to understand the serious mental deficiency and political fraud TPLF is committing against the Ethiopian people at a time when the country is on the verge of total collapse and bloodshed.

TPLF’s understanding of the whole crises presumes that it is based on youth unemployment. In the eyes of the TPLF, job creation or turning the youth into rented slaves of foreign companies in the so-called industrial parks are the solution.

The Ethiopian people’s demand for self-rule, equality, justice, and democracy are all security issues that should be dealt with the federal police, the military, and the national intelligence under its direct control.

The ethnic cleansing war the TPLF/Somali Janjaweed Militia are conducting on the Oromo people are framed as border disputes between the Oromia and Somali Region and it is the failure of the two regions.

To solve the ethnic cleansing war TPLF declared on the Oromo people, it has decided to commit more ethnic cleansing of the Oromo people by deploying the federal police, the military, and national intelligence. These groups must takeover Oromia and solve it. The popular Oromia regional administration of President Lemma Megersa is defined as the problem and should be attacked. This is what TPLF mind produces!

Here, it is also important to note the false equivalence the TPLF is creating between the close to one million Oromo civilians displaced by the Somali Janjaweed Militia and the Janjaweed Militia itself.

The opposition of the Ethiopian people against land grab and land robbery both in urban and rural Ethiopia in the name of development is not even an issue that the TPLF raises in the braining washing material attached here.

Making Afaan Oromo the federal working language, one of the key demands of the Oromo people, is not mentioned at all.
The release of political prisoners and religious leaders are not an issue that worries the TPLF.

For TPLF, self-rule without the colonial type TPLF rule is unimaginable. The federal police, the military, and the national intelligence exist to enforce this TPLF rule.

The three tools the TPLF uses on federal police officers, the military, and the national intelligence officers are:

1) salary it pays to them (TPLF thinks these officers are dogs who will bark and attack anyone TPLF orders them to attack),

2) propaganda and military disciplines officers in these three institutions assume as established science and forced to accept and obey at all cost even if it means committing ethnic cleansing, genocide, and war crimes, and

3) TPLF uses fear and retribution through use of force against these officers who will disobey them.

The people must liberate officers working in these three institutions from all three of the bodage the TPLF uses, and make them believe in themselves, the Ethiopian people and the rule fo law not the TPLF. This must be the one of the top focuses of the next phase of the Ethiopian people’s struggle. Liberate these three institutions.

Make no mistake, the attached document makes clear that the TPLF is looking into military options to solve the policy and political problem built up over the last 26 years of TPLF misrule.

Unless the Ethiopian people collectively and jointly prevent it, Ethiopia is in for very serious problems.

As the first part of solving this problem, the Ethiopian people and all progressive forces must dismantle the propaganda model the TPLF uses on members of the Federal Police, the Ethiopian Defense Forces, and the National Intelligence to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with the sole purpose of facilitating TPLF robbery and killings of the people.