TPLF Heads at the National Intelligence, Defense, and the Federal Police should be immediately removed from their public positions on constitutional, conflict of interests and criminal grounds!

The Ethiopian Parliament must demand the immediate removal of the heads of the Ethiopian Federal Police, the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, and the head of the Ethiopian national intelligence on constitutional and conflict of interests grounds and the nationwide Ethiopian peoples demand to prosecute these individuals for the crimes of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity they committed against the Ethiopian people either directly by their actions or by order and instructions they gave to their subordinates.

The heads of these Ethiopian government institutions should have been loyal only to the Ethiopian constitution and the Ethiopian people. But, because of these individuals membership in the TPLF executive committee and central committee, there are abundant pieces of evidence to prove that these individuals loyalty to TPLF is way greater than their loyalty to the Ethiopian constitution and the Ethiopian people.

Now because of the TPLF members at the helm of these institutions, these important security sector institutions are entirely turned into not only partisan institutions serving TPLF interests alone, but also committing ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity throughout Ethiopia.

As long as these public institutions remain loyal only to the TPLF and serve the exclusive interests of the TPLF members and their supporters, the killings and tortures of the Ethiopian people will not be stopped; rule of law will not be upheld, democracy and representative governance will not be established in Ethiopia.

Pending the full and complete overhaul of these institutions, the Ethiopian parliament must demand the prime minister to immediately remove them or defund these institutions and withhold the salaries and other benefits of these TPLF members.

If the Prime Minister refuses to abide by the call of the parliament, the parliament should vote the prime minister himself out of office.

The parliament should also investigate cases of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity committed by the heads of these institutions and their subordinates. The parliament can dishonorably discharge these officers from their positions and call for their criminal prosecution at the court of laws.

The OPDO and ANDM members of the parliament should table these issues as the top parliamentary agendas and lead the rest of the members to support these agendas. It is important to note that, the OPDO and ANDM members alone can accomplish most of those tasks.