NO State of emergency (SOE) in Oromia!!!

NO State of emergency (SOE) in Oromia!!!
It is exceedingly curious to see a lawless state threatening the people with a declaration of state of emergency. …

In the mean time, now that they are using legal language to justify their thuggish behaviour (and to normalize what is normally exceptional), it is important to note why there is no constitutional-legal ground for declaring a state of emergency.

1. Emergency is declared when, owing to war, natural disaster, epidemic, or massive break down of law and order, exceptional measures become temporarily necessary in order to avert a bigger, imminent danger. There is no such thing in the country at the moment. Yes, there were boycotts and rallies in Oromia but that has not necessitated and elicited such measures even from the State Government.

2. Any issue of local peace and order is primarily a matter for local law-enforcement institutions. The principle of subsidiarity in Federalism requires just as much; that local measures are primary to state or federal ones. The federal government has only subsidiary role. Hence, the use of the term subsidiarity. From every report we are getting Oromia police is doing well in handling the challenges coming from the protests. In a historically unprecedented fashion, the police are protecting not just the bystanders but also the protesting youth themselves. Consequently, there is no need for declaring SOE even by the State Government.

3. If peace and order becomes difficult to ensure in Oromia, i.e., if it is beyond the capacity of Oromia police, then the state government may declare a SOE, mobilize state militia, and, if need be, seek help and get reinforcement from the Federal Police.

4. If the problem is severe enough as to create a state level constitutional crisis, a state-wide human rights crisis, or a serious security threat arising from a massive breakdown of law and order, then the state formally requests the house of federation to order a federal intervention.

The Oromia government didn’t deem it necessary to declare emergency in the state. Nor has it sought a federal intervention. If anything, for a good part of the year, the government of Oromia has been explaining to the federal government, almost ad nauseum, that everything is under control, that their only problem is the Federal army and police who wantonly kill civilians and provoke retaliation from the public, who provoke conflicts among group and solicit ethnic antagonism, who wage war on borders and displace hundreds of thousands, who go into rehab camps and shoot indiscriminately at the suffering mass.

5. Consequently, the federal government does not have the competence to declare SOE in Oromia. If anything, the army have been illegally occupying the region for far too long. They have been the cause of all the mayhem in every corner of the country. They are doing this for the purpose of protecting the interests of TPLF thugs, TPLF warlords, and embedded criminal businesses. Several times, they have been seen around spots where TPLF-Tigryan interests are located, almost as if they are there “to defend their settlers from the locals.”

So, we say NO to any SOE–declared and declared. The unlawful TPLF presence in the state is already enough of an emergency that calls for a declaration of war. Deploying the army in the midst of a civilian population is already being in a state of war.

#stopyourWarofHubris #no2UrSOE #WeRinSOEalready #leaveOromiaNow

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